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Banking & Credit Unions

More than 125 years ago, financial institutions were created to support and service the mining, farming and lumber industries that made up the majority of the U.P. economy. With conservative approaches and smart decisions, many of these banks and credit unions are still today the backbone of the local economy. U.P. financial institutions are strong and growing, similar to the businesses they support. With a career in banking, you can earn at national pay scales and enjoy a U.P. lifestyle.

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Business Services

The U.P. is full of dynamic business professionals – many of whom received an education from one of the U.P.’s three state universities. It’s not uncommon to see that an addiction to the U.P. lifestyle becomes an aspiration to stay and work here. This spirit breeds talent, as smart, skilled people settle here. Our variety of capable and creative agencies are essential to the economy, many of which often reach across the country due to their ability to get the job done right.

construction workers


Construction and related contractors are supported by steady economies that are building new homes and renovating downtowns. Our strong work ethic lends itself to high-quality and skilled tradespeople whose work is coveted by people both in and outside the U.P. We’re lucky to also have one of the world’s greatest timber sources—a seriously huge asset to many building industries.

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Public school teachers and administrators in the U.P. can earn competitive salaries while teaching in small communities and best of all–they can enjoy magical U.P. summers! Students and educators in the region have unique access to world-class educational institutions like Michigan Technological University, Northern Michigan University, Lake Superior State University, and Finlandia University. In addition, high-quality training programs are available at other schools like Gogebic and Bay Community Colleges.

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With millions of acres of national and state forests, four national parks, 278 local municipalities, 15 counties, four tribes, four universities, and the region’s best public school systems, more than 50% of the Upper Peninsula’s working population is employed by government agencies. Our beautiful forests and parks are actively managed and meticulously cared for by government employees who are genuinely interested in seeing the unspoiled landscape of the U.P. remain. Mix in our hard working “Sisu”-charged public servants and you’ll find a special place to live and work for any of our government entities.

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The U.P. has several world-class healthcare systems, including Aspirus, U.P. Health System, Dickinson County Healthcare System, and several others… all of which offer the care you need right at home. The doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals that consider the U.P. home do so very deliberately. They choose to call this wonderful landscape their own, and they take it to heart that their patients are their neighbors and friends.

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From high-tech circuit boards to skateboard decks, goods from the Upper Peninsula are finding their way around the world. An economy rich in natural resources creates a demand for heavy equipment manufacturing and skilled labor. Manufacturing in the U.P. continues to grow and create demand for jobs, from welders to CEOs. Some of the world’s most recognizable hardwood flooring comes from the U.P.—floors that you see in the NCAA final four, NBA championships, and at schools, stadiums, and homes around the world.

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The U.P. has historic mining roots dating back to the earliest days of mineral exploration. Mining was the foundation on which so many of our towns and cities were built. The world’s great explorers called the U.P. home not that long ago. Our wild landscape is rich with minerals, and several mining companies are still operating. Eagle Mine, for example, employs 200 U.P. residents and sustainably mines high-grade nickel and copper. Mining is the richness of our history, but is also the richness of our minds.

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Compared to Silicon Valley, the U.P. is building a similar reputation for technology and is referred to as “Innovation Shore.” Three SmartZones and four Universities drive the entrepreneurial support of the region and provide student talent. Faculty transform their ideas from labs to create high-tech businesses, generating demand for professional jobs in the area. Computer technologists, scientists and engineers looking for a lifestyle change will be pleasantly surprised by the world-class tech companies that make up our Innovation Shore.