Jamie LaBo and Family

Jamie LaBo says Made-In-USA company aligns with her values of quality and hard work

IRONWOOD, Mich. – Jamie LaBo and her husband were both working and raising three children in Nashville before moving to the U.P. in January of 2019. She was running a fashion consulting business offering design and sourcing services to the growing fashion industry in Nashville.

Through LinkedIn, LaBo saw the design opportunity with Stormy Kromer as a Product Development and Design Manager with Jacquart Fabric Products, the home of Stormy Kromer. LaBo was intrigued with the prospect of working for an iconic brand out of Michigan.

“My husband is from lower Michigan and we had been really wanting to leave the summer heat of Tennessee and the grind of city life,” said LaBo. “So, I jumped at the opportunity to visit the Ironwood area for an in-person interview with the Stormy Kromer team. I realized that day that I wanted to be both at Stormy Kromer and in the UP.”

Within a few days of interviewing and accepting the offer, Jamie and her husband flew up again to search for a home and explore the area.

“We fell in love,” she said. “The weather really suits us and we generally like everything outdoors. There is so much to explore and enjoy here throughout the year. Our family has gotten to experience nature and the Northwoods in every beautiful season it has to offer. I love working for a Made-In-the-USA fashion company that aligns with my values of quality and hard work.”