Lifestyle + Excellent Healthcare =

Home to Great Health

Doctors and nurses are your neighbors and friends. Healthcare in the U.P. makes  you a person first, not a number.

The U.P. has prioritized a full-spectrum of health services close to home.

pasties, thimbleberries and lake trout

flavors that fuel

The U.P. eats like the rest of America, but there are tastes and temptations that are uniquely north.

The U.P. is known for foods full of flavor – from pasties to Lake Superior Lake Trout to freshly picked thimbleberries.

lots to do, but...

taylor swift probably won't tour here

While the U.P. doesn’t commonly attract mega pop concerts, people here enjoy a year-round abundance of creativity, imagination and fun.

Yes, we do have rock concerts and jazz showcases. Just not Taylor, yet.