A story that most #Yoopers are familiar with, Kylie Bunting was born and raised in Marquette, graduated from Northern Michigan University in 2011, and couldn’t get out of town fast enough. After graduation, Kylie moved to Chicago to start her public relations career at an agency, but as it does, the U.P. called her back!

In Chicago, she met her now-husband, Lee, while he was visiting from England. While Kylie loved her experience in Chicago, she grew tired of the 12 hour work days on top of a two-way hour commute. After eight years, Kylie and Lee decided to go back to their “small town” roots and relocate to Marquette.

Now working at jobs they love, Lee is a Contracts Associate at Surgalign and Kylie is expanding alumni engagement efforts for her alma mater as the Digital Engagement Architect for the Northern Michigan University Alumni Association. They are happily embracing the U.P. lifestyle – spending their days hiking, biking, sledding and teaching their precocious toddler, Beckham, the wonders of the U.P. while awaiting the arrival of their baby girl in July.